Our firm has over 30 years consulting experience to more than 275 clients with a reputation for ensuring that they have a sound strategy and the right leadership to set and reach their goals.  Our services are always customized to the needs of each client.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Design and facilitate strategic planning processes for businesses in various industries that typically involve the owners, executives, other key staff and board of directors, depending on the organization. The most effective strategic plans are typically fewer than eight pages in length. Also work closely with the staff to ensure accountability and successful execution of the plan. As a result, each year many of our clients experience record growth in their business.

Leadership Development

Design and conduct customized training programs for leaders and managers at all levels to increase their leadership effectiveness by providing further insights into themselves and others.  Also conduct 1:1 coaching sessions to discuss progress and provide greater accountability toward achieving their personal leadership goals. 

Executive / Owner Advisor

Hold ongoing 1:1 consultations with CEOs, presidents and business owners to guide decision-making and provide feedback regarding growth opportunities, strategic partnerships and mergers, leadership challenges, talent management and board relations. 

Leadership Transitions

Guide clients through planned and sudden changes in ownership, leadership or other management-level positions to help ensure a smooth transition in “hiring forward.”  Evaluate current talent and also assist in conducting national searches for CEOs and other key positions in collaboration with Executive Search Committees and advise them in the selection and onboarding process.