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What knowledge and skills will your leaders and managers need to take your organization to the next level and get or stay ahead of the competition?  Over the years we have developed and facilitated a wide range of practical training programs for leaders, managers and supervisors.  Our objective is to provide participants with insights and techniques they can learn today and apply immediately to their specific work environment.  Each training module is customized to fit the learning needs of the group and also align with the organization's overall direction and goals.  Well-known assessments may also be used to aid participants in understanding their personal competencies and how they can increase their effectiveness.

Some examples of training programs we've recently conducted include:

  • Leadership 
  • Influencing Others to Do Their Best
  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Beyond Your Cubicle:  Strategic Thinking
  • Problem Analysis and Decision Making
  • Building Leadership Credibility
  • Managing and Resolving Conflict
  • Doing the Right Thing:  Promoting Strong Ethical Behavior
  • How to Be Assertive Without Offending Others
  • Strategic Planning Tools to Strengthen Your Business
  • How Mission-Driven Organizations Get Ahead
  • Creating A Competitive Advantage Through Innovation
  • Deciding Priorities and Ensuring Accountability
  • Performance Management
  • Reducing the Turbulence:  Successfully Managing Change
  • Think Like an Owner

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